North Liberty is a community of believers who gather for spiritual feeding and growth so that we can go forth into community.  We have relationships with ministries that seek to serve community locally nationally and internally.

  Ministries of the Deacons are

Friends of the Carpenter:  Contact Allen Fleming If you are in need of some handyman support. We have cleaned gutters, cut grass and repaired a storm door.  Simple projects for our talented volunteers who use their gifts for others.

Lift chair Loaners:  This program lends a lift chair to those who are having difficulty with mobility. The chairs can be used until you are able to get up and down safely.  Contact a deacon if you have a need to arrange a delivery of a loaner chair.

DVD Players:  Members who are unable to attend regular worship services can receive the service on a DVD and the Deacons have loaner DVD players for their use.